Chef Mario Frittoli was raised in Viareggio, near Pisa, in Tuscany, Italy. Entering culinary school at the age of 14, he was quickly swept under the wing of celebrity chef Angelo Paracucchi at his Michelin-starred restaurant "Locanda Dell'Angelo". Upon graduation, he honed his skills at "Il Carpaccio" in Paris. By the age of 23, he became head chef of "Lido" in Los Angeles; a favorite haunt of American celebrities like Tom Cruise, Madonna and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Today, in addition to international consultations, the publication of his cookbooks, and regular appearances on NHK TV's "Asaichi", Chef Mario practices his main passion of preparing unforgettable experiences for his customers at his eponymous restaurant, Mario i Sentieri, in Tokyo's Nishi-Azabu district. In his own words, "Everyone has their own speciality. My speciality is pasta. The pasta here is very unique. Also, there are only three price ranges on the menu, because we believe that if you put too many things on the menu, you loose your creativity. The less we print on the menu, the more creative we can be for you."

イタリア・トスカーナ州生まれ。14歳ですすんだインスティテュート・アルペギロ調理師学校の在学中、成績優秀のためイタリアの名シェフ、アンジェロ・パラクッキの店『ロンカンダ デアンジェロ』で経験を積むチャンスを得る。その後、パリの『イル パッチョ』で腕を磨き、23歳でロスアンジェルスのセレブリティ御用達の『リド』のヘッドシェフを務めた。現在国内外のイタリア料理のコンサルテーションを行うかたわら、NHKの『あさイチ』へのレギュラー出演なども精力的にこなす。シェフ マリオは彼の名前を冠する『マリオ・イ・センティエリ』(マリオの小径)へ訪れるお客様が心に残るひとときを過ごしていただけるよう日々つとめている。