AMBIaNCE アンビエンス

Encompassing the best of Milan, Tuscany and Japan, Mario i Sentieri is an experience that you'll want to return to time and again, like one of your favorite vacation destinations. A black ceiling and hardwood flooring frame walls and tablecloths of an elegant white, the whole being highlighted by a fiery red; akin to Chef Mario's passion. Located within the city, but removed from the noise, it's softly lit enough to be romantic, while being bright enough to admire your meal. A full Milano-style bar lines the left wall (sponsored by Campari) for those dining alone, or just craving a drink. The focus of the restaurant, of course, is the food, and Chef Mario's creations, while being the meat of the experience, also serve as the cherry on the cake. As each course arrives, another puzzle piece is revealed. Before long, you'll be smiling with affinity

マリオ イ センティエリへ一歩足を踏み入れれば、建築家 丹下憲孝氏のデザインによる赤と黒のエキゾチックな内装が特別な時間が始まる予感をかきたてます。店内ではオープンキッチンがステージのように明るく切り取られ、鮮やかな手さばきで最高のイタリアンを作り出すマリオとシェフたちをご覧いただけます。コースの最初のストゥッツィキーノからしめのドルチェとエスプレッソまで、どうぞ至福の時間をゆったりとお過ごしください。